Live Web Chat Australia – do you have the Resource to provide it 24-7?

Live web chat Australia – Do you have the Resource in your Business to provide it 24-7?

Online chat for business your ultimate guide 2Live Web Chat Australia for business has been adapted by major companies such as Harvey Norman, Surf Stitch, ANZ, Ikea, and Telstra.

If you’ve never heard of live chat – see our article here on Online Chat for business – your Ultimate Guide that describes what it is; how it benefits your business and options for implementing it.

Companies who have implemented live web chat in Australia, are all acutely aware that in this day and age, customers want a quick solution for their particular problem right now; and don’t want to waste time navigating your website to find it.

And they want it anytime of the day or night.

If your website is not helping them, it is likely they will switch at the click of a mouse to a competitor who will.

So if you are going to embark on the journey of 24-7 live web chat Australia (which we recommend you do in order not to get left behind the 8-ball); we suggest first you need to assess if you have the capacity in your business to provide it; or if it’s a service you should outsource.

If you are going to provide Live Web Chat Australia in-house, this is what you will need

Live web chat AustraliaNow you realise the massive power of Live Chat to give your business sales a super-boost, this is what you’ll need:

  • Software to install on your website – there are many free or low-cost versions depending on the traffic volume coming to your website
  • Staff available 24-7 to man the chat. You will need to consider these elements:
    • 1. Benchmarks show 1 staff member can manage no more than 5 chats simultaneously
    • 2. Average chat time for a service business is 5 minutes; for a ecommerce site is 8 minutes
    • 3. Peak hours of chat will depend on your business type and whether you service global customers or just those in Australia
    • 4. Staff will need to be available out of hours and Australian laws dictate that you will need to remunerate them accordingly, even if they do not actually answer a chat; they are effectively ‘on-call’
    • 5. Statistics show that NOT having live web chat Australia available at all times (i.e. only in working hours) will actually harm your brand and your customer’s experience.
    • 6. Additionally, you will need to consider your availability on social sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Companies like Facebook especially, are focusing on live chat and many customers use this as a forum to get in touch with you out-of-hours if they cannot do this on your website.
  • Processes and systems to escalate and manage queries that can’t immediately be answered.

If you are not yet of the size and scale to do this in-house; or alternatively wish to outsource this service to see how it works for you, we suggest contacting our 24-7 chat agents through the live chat software below (anytime of the day or night no matter where in the world you are reading this from!).

Plans start from less than you think.

It could be the best thing you’ve done for your business to boost sales and service this year.

Testimonials for Outsourced 24-7 Live Web Chat Australia Customer Service and Sales Support


I saw an immediate increase in conversions and average basket value when I got live chat on my ecommerce store. Amazing service - can't recommend the 24-7 chat team enough! Continue Reading

Felicia Rusher Founder, I Still Call Australia Home (Australian gifts and gift hampers) September 16, 2017

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