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Online chat for business your ultimate guide 2Educational Institutions Live Chat Support: Are you a School, University, Tafe, Business School, Online Trainer or other educational organisation?

Did you know 90% of people leave your website without getting in touch? There’s lots of reasons for this, however one of the main ones is because they either couldn’t find what they were looking for, or didn’t think you provided the training they were after.

Wouldn’t it be great to never miss a lead again? 

And let’s not forget your current students who are looking for information about when lectures begin, or how to get their ID card; student email and more. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to efficiently help these students online without interrupting your admissions or other administrative staff who already have a large in-box of tasks to complete.

Benefits of live chat customer support for your Educational Institution

That’s where our 247 Live chat Support for Educational Institutions comes in.

Whether you’re a school, university, tafe or other training organisation,  we offer 24-7 live chat on your website so you never lose a lead again. Just some of the advantages for you include:-

  • Support for your customers online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – without you or your staff lifting a finger;
    • This is especially useful if you are aiming to attract International Students who are in different time-zones
  • Act as a buffer between you and your potential customers – we get rid of time-wasters who just want advice before they get to you;
  • Qualify leads so we only send you warm or hot leads looking for training that you provide
  • Appointment booking – if we have access to your system, our trained sales and service Agents can book appointments for your there and then; BEFORE your potential customer has a chance to go to a competitors institution or training site.
    • If you don’t have a system we can access, we find out their availability, get their details and pass these on to you for follow up
  • Reduction in staff time wasted with callers looking for general advice, and up to 59% reduction in your incoming phone bills.

While we are not trained in all your programs and systems, this in itself is the beauty of our service because we offer first-line support for customers wanting to contact your business – just as a receptionist would do. This saves you valuable time and money by only passing on qualified leads to you and your team.

Our Live Chat Support Online for Educational Institutions

Click on each service below for more information on how outsourcing live chat 247 to our trained service Agents can help your business move to the next level, or see here for how it works and pricing details.



Testimonials for 24-7 Live Chat Support


I saw an immediate increase in conversions and average basket value when I got live chat on my ecommerce store. Amazing service - can't recommend the 24-7 chat team enough! Continue Reading

Felicia Rusher Founder, I Still Call Australia Home (Australian gifts and gift hampers) September 16, 2017

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