We provide 24 7 chat support. This means we manage live chat on your website with our Sales and Service Agents who are available 24-7 for you and your customers. We cater for ecommerce stores as well as online service businesses.

Our services include the initial  set up of our chat software on your site; creating scripts for your business; accelerated training of our staff in your enquiries; ongoing answering of your online chats any time of the day or night; sharing chat scripts with you; and monthly reports. See here for more on how our 24-7 chat service works.

Click on each service below for more information on how outsourcing live chat can help your business move to the next level:


Testimonials for 24-7 Live Chat Support


I saw an immediate increase in conversions and average basket value when I got live chat on my ecommerce store. Amazing service - can't recommend the 24-7 chat team enough! Continue Reading

Felicia Rusher Founder, I Still Call Australia Home (Australian gifts and gift hampers) September 16, 2017

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Sales Generation

online conversion up 15% using online chat for businessWe manage the following areas of sales generation for product and service based businesses:

Lead Generation

For service based businesses, we collect potential customer details and pass them on to you. This includes ensuring we provide you with qualified leads – for example with a good fit to your target demographic with regards to your service, pricing and areas serviced.

Appointment Booking

We book appointments for service based businesses and lock customers in before they have the chance to go to a competitors website.

Improve Website Conversions

If you have an e-commerce site, where product is available there and then on your website for customers to buy, online live web chat has been proven to improve website conversion rate by 3.5 times.

We do this by engaging your visitors at set points in the purchasing process to make sure they have all the information needed to proceed.

You can set your own trigger points on any page for us to initiate a chat – for example when your potential customer adds a product to their cart. Alternatively, you can let the customer choose to initiate a chat themselves by clicking on the ‘chat with us’ button in the bottom of their screen.

Product Information

We can provide specific product information you may not even realise your customers need in order to buy or become a qualified lead.

For example an e-commerce store we manage frequently ships to China from Australia, and has lots of information on their website about this. However the customer didn’t want to search the site to find what he needed and instead opened a chat. He mentioned he would have ‘left the website’ if the live chat agent hadn’t been available to answer his question.

Upselling and Cross-selling

Our 24-7 live chat agents are experts in upselling and cross-selling customers to specified products or services to ensure your customers have the opportunity to purchase the higher margin items or services in your store.

They are also masters at cross-selling which means encouraging customers  to add additional items that go with their purchase – for example batteries.

Reduce cart Abandonment Rates for Ecommerce

Our live chat experts can help improve sales if your customer is timing out or has issues with the payment process.

Customer Service

customer-service-online-chatWe manage the following areas of Customer Service:

General Customer Queries and FAQs

Want your phones to stop ringing and distracting your staff with basic business information?

Hey presto! Online live chat has been proven to do just that, as well as reducing incoming phone bills by an average of 59%.

Our live web chat agents operate like a virtual reception desk for your business that just happens to be open after hours – every hour of the day, every day of the week. Our staff are trained to be able to answer a variety of general customer queries and FAQs about your business, your products and your services.

This includes opening hours, more information about your products / services, what’s included in your price, or delivery timescales to name a few.

Even if you have a page clearly marked ‘FAQ’ on your website, research has shown most people won’t search for it, if it’s not immediately obvious to them; and would prefer to get their question immediately answered on live chat.

If our staff are unable to answer your customer query, we will pass on all information or details to you so you can.

Accounts Support

accounts-support-for-live-chatWe manage the following areas of Accounts Support:

Billing Support

Our specialist staff are trained to take basic calls about billing.

We can resolve even small things that you don’t realise are causing pain for your customer.

For example, it is not unusual if you are an ecommerce store for a customer not to receive the confirmation billing and shipping emails you’ve sent them because they’ve gone into a junk box, or the customer has provided the wrong email address. Issues like this can be fixed immediately on live chat without wasting precious staff time or costing a phone call for you.

Additionally if there are basic questions about pricing or billing these can also be answered or passed on to you to contact the customer back if we are unable to assist.

Invoice enquiries

As above – our live chat Agents are available 24-7 to make sure any invoice enquiries are resolved or escalated to you where required.

From our experience, 90% of queries customers have in this department are about not receiving an invoice and can be resolved straight away.

Refund Queries

Customers often want to check your refund policy before purchasing – so we can help them with this.

In addition – we help where customers want to return a product for any reason by confirming if it’s within policy, and what your process is.

Technical Support

technical-support-for-live-chatWe manage the following areas of Technical Support:

Website Technical Issues

Sometimes your website will have issues you are unaware of, that are stopping your customers viewing pages, purchasing items or book appointments.

Our agents can help customers with basic technical issues, or alternatively let you know immediately if an element of your website isn’t working as it should (and it’s costing you precious customers!).

Help with a Shopping Cart or Booking an Appointment

Even though the ecommerce industry is experiencing year-on-year double digit growth; there are still many people who are new to purchasing online.

Often these people will think they are experiencing technical issues with their website, whereas in fact it may just be they are not used to the basic functionality of online sites.

Our chat agents are here to help in these sorts of circumstances.

Any issues adding/removing products, any issues with checking out.

Website Technical Issues Support

We immediately alert you if there are any technical site issues such as email issues or problems with your cart, freight calculator or payment gateway.


Handling Non Website Technical Issues

IT or service companies can experience external technical issues, for example relating to website design, website hosting, or general email changes (e.g. setup new email address).

We are able to either fix or escalate these issues to you.

Technical Product or Service Queries

Our Live Web Chat Agents are able to assist with basic technical queries about your product or service. Where the query is of too detailed a nature for a response from our agents, we will pass on the details for you to call back or email the customer.

After-Sales Care

technical-support-for-live-chatWe manage the following areas of After-Sales Care:

Where is my order?

Sometimes customers haven’t received tracking details or want to know when their order will arrive. Our 24-7 Chat specialist agents can help with these type of enquiries where it’s appropriate for your business and we have access to these details.

Complaint Handling

If something is not quite right, we can take the complaint and either resolve it or escalate it to you for resolution the following day.

Our customer service agents are also trained to hire irate customers out-of-hours.

We generally find customers are very happy that they are heard and listened to; and your business is available for feedback at any time of the day or night.


When customers want to return something they’ve received in an ecommerce store, for example, we can help them understand what the policy is and give them the information they need to handle this in line with your business processes.

General Feedback

After-sales feedback can be extremely positive too! We love encouraging customers to review your product online as well as share your business on social media.

Emergency Support

emergency-support-247-live-chatWe manage the following areas of Emergency Support:

Selling a Service: Is this really an emergency?

Are you are a service business like a plumber or carpet cleaner that’s tired of being woken up at 2am in them morning with a non-emergency emergency?!

Our out-of-hours Customer Service agents will check if it’s a red-wine spill on the carpet or a full-on flooding situation that needs to immediately be contained and respond accordingly.

We will only contact you if the situation is warranted and as pre-agreed.

E-Commerce Stores: Emergency Payment Issues

We are on-hand to provide reassurance that a customer is dealing with a real business if there are any questions or immediate issues they have with payment on an ecommerce site.

Examples our Agents are trained to handle include ‘did my payment go through’ or ‘did I pay twice?’.

This not only allays customer fears, but also closes a sale that otherwise may have been lost.

IT Company Emergencies

For our IT Clients, they find their customers may have issues with server crashes, or emails not getting through for example.

Our agents are there to offer reassurance and escalate as instructed.

Our Agents also provide a ‘buffer’ if there are a large amount of customers effected so you and your staff can focus on fixing the issue, rather than answering the phone.