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24-7 Chat Support tailors packages to suit your business, big or small or whether you require sales support, customer service support or technical support.
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You only pay for what you use! Our packages are designed to adjust according to your monthly usage.

Starter 1 hour for$80 +GST / month

$70/succeeding hour accumulates over more than 1 month to reach 1 hour, alternate months will be charged at $20

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Booster 4 hours for$220 +GST / month

$65/succeeding hour

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Marketer 12 hours for$600 +GST / month

$56/succeeding hour

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Elite 24 hours for$1020 +GST / month

$50/succeeding hour

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Ultimate 50 hours for$1750 +GST / month

$31/succeeding hour

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We ensure that our experienced staff members know exactly what to say and what not to say while representing your business. Each and every client gets a one-on-one, 1 hour consultation to explore your options for your virtual support team. During this consultation, our representative will clearly outline the details to best suit your desired objectives for your website support.

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