Amazing service – Immediately Increased Conversions on my Ecommerce Store


Amazing Service – Immediately Increased Conversions on my Ecommerce Store

At first I was skeptical about how live chat could TRULY impact my Australian gift ecommerce store.  I was worried that I’d have to do a lot of work / write a lot of scripts to get the 24-7 chat team up-to-speed with my business before they spoke to a customer.

However I thought I’d give the free trial a go and see what happened, as I’d read great things.

Firstly, I didn’t have to give the team that much information. I probably spent 1 hour in set-up mode. This is because the reality is, when you start using chat, you don’t know what potential online customers are really going to ask, and most of the information is already available on my website.  The team collect information in a professional way and add as they go.

As soon as I had the chat live on my website it was being used by my customers straight away, giving them the information they were after. I measure my statistics like a hawk and I saw an immediate increase in both conversions and average basket value.

On the odd occasion when the chat team couldn’t answer a potential customer’s query, it would immediately get escalated to me, and even if it was out of hours and I didn’t reply until the next morning, the customer was always thrilled with the personalised attention and responsiveness of my business.

The best thing EVER about having live chat support managed by someone else is the time it’s saved my staff answering customer phone calls for such a low cost.  It’s just such an efficient way to help customers. I also save on my phone bills for my 1300 number.

I now have taken my phone number off my website so queries come through chat and my staff are focused on the things that matter to my business most.

I can’t recommend the 24-7 chat team enough if you are looking to take your business to the next level without having to pay extra staff or fork out $1000s in marketing costs.

Felicia Rusher Founder, I Still Call Australia Home (Australian gifts and gift hampers) September 16, 2017